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Exeter positive Exeter’s city centre has more green spaces and trees than any other city in the UK, a new independent report has revealed. 🌲🌳 This is the first known study to comparatively define and rank urban centres in Great Britain based on multiple green attributes. The academic research from the University of Sheffield looked at 68 cities in the UK and scored them according to mean greenness, tree canopy cover and percentage green space. Exeter came out on top overall, with the best combined score of all cities. It was the highest ranked city for greenness, the second best city for tree canopy cover and the third best for greenspace coverage


Ventilation as a way to save money

Many people do not think of ventilation when they think of energy-saving measures, although ventilation can indeed make a significant contribution to saving your energy costs. Ventilation ensures clean and dry air in the house, which means the house can be heated faster. This is because dry air is heated faster than humid air. Especially in winter, high humidity arises in the house because we keep the windows closed. High humidity results from cooking and showering, but also from simply breathing and moving around. In addition to high humidity causing mould in the home, it also causes your home to have to use more energy to heat air. When the heating is on, it can also actually cause too low humidity in your home, which is not good for your health.

The easiest ways to reduce condensation in your home is to make sure you have good air circulation in any rooms prone to mould.

This means opening windows, moving furniture away from the walls, and not trying to draft-proof rooms that will trap water, such as the bathroom.


  • In one night your body and breath emit moisture roughly equivalent to a large glass of water. So leave your bedroom window ajar at night. After waking up, open the windows and curtains to refresh the air inside the room. After 20 minutes, close the windows again to avoid wasting too much energy during the day by having to heat up the now cold room.
  • Always hang your laundry in a warm place to dry it faster. Be sure to ventilate the room to remove humidity. Also, close the door to this room so that the cold air does not spread throughout the house.
  • Make sure that the fine dust and humidity from cooking can be removed, for instance by using extractor hoods or kitchen extractor fans.
  • Don't shower with the bathroom door open, dry the shower after showering and ventilate the bathroom This will ensure that humidity does not linger and has no chance of spreading.
  • Insulate the loft. This space is often damp and the air inside enters your home through cracks and seams.




Do Choose Your New Housemates Carefully It’s exciting to be able to choose who you will live with in your second year and beyond but be careful this is a big decision. Think how well do you really know them? Especially if you are thinking of moving in with friends you've met its one thing seeing each other for a couple of hours a day but will you be compatible over a long period of time sharing the same space?

Do Shop Around spend some serious time as a group choosing the best place for you. Often the closer to the university you live, the higher your rent will be.

Take other factors into consideration too, for example do one or more of you drive? If so, could you potentially live a little further out and save yourself some money? It’s also a good idea to check out how close you will be to local transport links, Don’t Leave It Too Late One of the most common mistakes students make when choosing their uni accommodation is leaving it to the last minute and then either scrambling to find people to live with or frantically searching for a house that hasn’t already been taken.

Give yourself plenty of time, decide who you want to live with before the end of the first year and begin your search asap. You need to have sorted your accommodation and have your agreement in place before everyone goes home for the summer.

Do Make Sure Everyone’s Happy Often two or three members of the group will take the lead in the search for accommodation, which is fine, as long as everyone has a chance to view it themselves or by a video and decide if they are happy with everything. Deciding on behalf of someone is a recipe for arguments down the line, as is assuming someone will be happy with the box room (there’s always a box room). Talk about who gets each room in a mature way decide.

Choosing your accommodation for year two of uni is a big step towards becoming an independent and responsible adult and there will most likely be things you wish you did differently, but it will be a learning curve and great for your personal development.

As you will all be aware the Queens funeral will be held on Monday 19th of September. It has also been selected as a Bank holiday.

As a result, and as a mark of respect the entire office will be closed all day on that day.


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We are deeply saddened by the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II.


We extend our heartfelt condolences to The Royal Family, as we join the Nation in mourning, and give thanks to Her Majesty for her lifelong service to our country and the Commonwealth

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