I would imagine some of you have heard this being bandied around in different industries and professions over the past few months. 

This newsletter was going to be on the new Data Protection Regulations coming in to force in May but, the course date has changed, and I will now be attending this next week.  For this newsletter I will be revisiting Gas Safety Certificates.

The Conservatives have announced that they intend to regulate all Landlords in the UK; the reasoning behind this is that currently any tenant renting a property managed by a letting agent has the automatic right to a redress scheme. Any tenants renting a property which is managed privately by the landlord does not have access to a redress scheme.

This is a very important area of what we do; the Marketing of your property and the right way to market your property, which enables us to find you the right tenants.

The world has changed so much in the last 10 to 15 years. As an example, our busiest day in the office 15 years ago would have been a Saturday, as the majority of people worked Monday to Friday and came in looking for properties on a Saturday. I would say now that Saturday is the quietest day of the week due to changing work patterns.

In general the market in 2017 has been a strong rental market and generally properties have rented out well.  There have been certain times of the year where there has been a stronger demand than others; the strongest quarter of the market so far was July to September.