Inventories have changed quite a bit over the last 10 to 15 years. I would say an average inventory 15 years ago was a couple of sides of A4 paper, listing very little in the property just basically saying that there was something there and listing the item as either good condition or new etc.

I was surprised to actually find out that this has now been just under 4 years for the LRA to be carried out; where does the time go! 

One subtle change that came in to effect in the third quarter of last year (with regards to gas safety) it is no longer sufficient for the landlord to just carry out the annual gas safety inspection.  You have to be able to prove that the tenants have received a copy of the current certificate. If the landlord is not able to prove this then a judge has the right to refuse the application to gain possession of the property, should the need arise.

EPC are coming up to their 10th anniversary. Most landlords are fully aware of the energy performance certificate (EPC) and some landlords will be arranging to have them renewed on their 10th anniversary.

Welcome to our new blog which we’ll be using to publish all sorts of articles about our business. Initially, we’ve decided to publish articles all about the work that goes on behind the scenes here at Cooksleys.

We trust you’ll find the blog not only interesting but informative too. We’ll be talking about such things as the legal aspects and regulations that we are required to carry out on a property to keep you and us compliant.